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gambling games, including slot machines, have been popular ever since roulette hit the casino floor and the big wheel hit the midway. But wheel games took a significant turn when the TV game show Wheel of Fortune hit the airwaves.

The game became so popular that casinos devised an angle. Wheel of Fortune slot machines began showing up on casino floors, and now online casinos are big on the action.

But there are plenty of online wheel games for gamblers, and we've picked the best, mainly from the real money slots arena. So tune in and find out about how the big wheel rolls.

Wheel of Fortune Slots Online

Everything You Need For Gambling on Slots with a Wheel of Fortune

Top 7 Wheel of Fortune Online Slot Games

Let's get right down to introducing you to some slot games that employ wheels and key facts about the games. Here is our list of the seven most popular Wheel of Fortune real money slots.

Now we'll delve further into how these wheel games play and what makes them fun and alluring.

Wheel of Fortune Table Games Online

There are a few big wheel gambling games online that are not slots. They usually involve betting on a spot and being paid according to odds.

Strategies to Winning Big on Wheel of Fortune Slots

Strategies for winning on Wheel of Fortune slots are much like any other slots.

Choose High RTP Slot Games Only

Laptop with Bingo Game - High RTP

The best thing to do is find a game with an RTP above 95%.

Remember that RTPs come from random number generators tested over thousands of spins.

Hence, a lot of your fortune is up to Lady Luck.

Take Care of Your Bankroll and Limits

Casino Money Pig - Bankroll Limit

Then you should gauge your betting style and watch your bankroll.

If you want to go for the big bucks many wheels offer, find the highest pot, and bet as much as you can afford on each .

Find the Biggest Rewards

Wheel of Fortune Slot

You reach the wheel phases with hits on the slot, so it's a matter of finding a game that gets you to a special spin reasonably often.

The wheels with the biggest rewards are harder to reach.

a Jackpot with the Wheel of Fortune

Many jackpots on Wheel of Fortune games are actually multipliers of your bet amount. The 50,000X big winner on Santa's Reel Wheel is the biggest of the multipliers we found.

Try Bonus Wheel Jungle Slot For Free

Here's one of our favorites among Wheel of Fortune slots. Give it a spin and see what you think.

How to Play Wheel of Fortune Slots

Playing a Wheel of Fortune slot machine online is easy at most online casinos. Here's a general guide that you can follow to play this slot game.

  1. Sign Up

    Go to your preferred online casino, sign up, and make a deposit. The whole process is quick and easy. Remember to take advantage of their Welcome Bonus.

  2. Find Your Wheel of Fortune Slot

    Go to the Slots section and find your favorite Wheel of Fortune game. Just click on the game, and you're in.

  3. Define Your Bet

    Choose your bet amount. Before you spin, check options such as the Autoplay button and other game settings.

  4. Start Playing

    After you've checked everything out, it's time to spin and win! Spin the reels and watch your balance grow as the play progresses.

  5. Time to Roll the Wheel!

    When you trigger the bonus feature, a wheel will appear. That's the moment we've been waiting for. Roll the wheel and collect your prize!

Start Playing Wheel of Fortune Slots With a Bonus

Bonuses Big Icon

Sometimes getting to the big winner on Wheel of Fortune slots requires a boost to your bankroll. Online casino bonuses do just that.

Red Dog Casino, which carries some of our favorite wheel games, has a $8,000 Welcome Bonus to get you started.

This promo comes with a reasonable 40X rollover requirement, and you can play slots to clear it.

Top-Ranked Wheel of Fortune Slot Games on Your Mobile

Mobile Phone 777 Slot Icon

Software providers have honed the craft of putting big games on small screens and making them work for users.

Wheel of Fortune slots have grown with the advancement of the smartphone and are designed to display nicely and play well with any iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

And you can access casinos and games easily through the browser of your device. Before you play, make sure your mobile device is updated and you have a good connection.

Are Wheel of Fortune Slots a Good Way to Make Money?

Online Casino Reload Bonuses icon

Like most other gambling, playing slots is an entertainment, not a career.

But if you are lucky enough to spin up a Wheel of Fortune slot machine jackpot, you can certainly open a new investment account.

Just keep the lure of that big winner from causing you to bust your bankroll.

History of the Wheel of Fortune

wheel of fortune tv show

The TV game show Wheel of Fortune has aired continuously since 1975, but it took a few years before the longtime stars Pat Sajak and Vanna White appeared. Created by Merv Griffin, Wheel of Fortune started as a daytime show with Chuck Woolery and Susan Stafford as hosts.

Pat and Vanna became stars after the show went to nighttime in 1983. It has been a hit ever since. The biggest winners in the game came after the $1 million section appeared on the show's wheel in 2008. At least three people have since crossed the $1 million threshold in winnings.

The show's theme featuring a big wheel with chances of winning big money was a natural for real money casinos. In 1997 gaming company IGT created a slot called Wheel of Fortune. Soon after, the familiar audience call “Wheel … of … Fortune!” rang out in casinos from Las Vegas to Atlantic City.

The Wheel of Fortune slot and its spin-offs continue to be a presence in casinos everywhere.

Join the Fun: Play the Best Wheel of Fortune Online Slots

So, you see that a TV game show has inspired some fun, imaginative, and potentially lucrative slots. And the top rated online casinos that carry them have plenty of other games, big bonuses, and the safety and security to make your gaming experience the best.

It is now up to you to take advantage of all of that by playing. So, sign up, grab a bonus, and spin away at the best Wheel of Fortune slots to play with real money online.

Play Wheel of Fortune Slots at Red Dog Casino

Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine Games FAQ

What is the best strategy to win the Wheel of Fortune slot game?

The best strategy to win the Wheel of Fortune slot game is to judge your bankroll and playing style. Then put as much money as possible toward getting to that big winner on the wheel.

Where can I play the Wheel of Fortune slot game to win real money?

You can play Wheel of Fortune slot games to win real money at any of the best online casinos we recommend.

Can I play the Wheel of Fortune slot for free?

Yes, you can play the Wheel of Fortune slot for free at any of the no-download casinos that carry the game. Get a feel for the game and prepare for real money slot winnings.

What type of slot machine is a game with a Wheel of Fortune?

A slot machine with a Wheel of Fortune is a slot with a feature that gets you to a giant wheel you spin for the chance at a jackpot.

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